Leisure started with three friends talking about making a natural wine. None of us had a vineyard, but we decided to do it anyway.

We started in a cold barn outside Edinburgh and now we have graduated to a cold industrial unit off the Old Kent Road next to a nice tray factory.

We add nothing and take nothing away.

This means we deal in spontanious fermentation and the best fruits that we can find in season year to year.

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Struck By Fruit Salad Bolts From A Dark Sea 2021
Struck By Fruit Salad Bolts From A Dark Sea 2021

Struck By Fruit Salad Bolts From A Dark Sea 2021

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Uncertified organic practice vineyard near Ruvo Di Puglia, Italy.

30 year old vines on chalk, 250m elevation.

Harvested by hand and delivered by chiller-truck to South East London.

Short period of carbonic maceration before pressing directly off the skins to ferment in steel. No added yeast. Aged on lees and bottled in July 22. No filtering or finings used. 10ppm of SO2 was added for bottling just to give the wine protection from oxygen due to short maceration time. 

402 bottles produced.

Leafed strawberries on the nose. Melon followed by a savoury, structured, salty finish on the palette.

Serve chilled.

Open 5-10 mins before enjoying.

75cl / 12.5% ABV

Nothing added and nothing taken away

Hand made with feet

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